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What is an athletic life coach?

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Most young athletes start out playing a sport for the love of the game. When those athletes reach high school, they begin to dream of playing their sport at the collegiate level and beyond. As an athletic coach who spends time and effort investing in the growth and development of those young athletes, there are few things more frustrating than watching them not achieve their full potential. Creating an athlete life coaching program gives hopeful young athletes the extra assistance that they need to unlock their full potential and avoid obstacles that might prevent them prevent from reaching their goals.

In some cases with high school athletes, you can spend up to 4 years investing in their growth only to see them not reach their goals. The are many physical, mental, and emotional obstacles that can prevent a talented high school athletes from playing college sports but the 3 most common are; Insufficient GPA, Work Ethic, and Limiting Beliefs, all of which can be overcome with Life Coaching.

As a teacher, I remind each student on the first day of school that “everyone has an A at this very moment, what you do with it from this point is up to you”! Bad grades are rarely about a student’s IQ. I have had many students who would score relatively low on an IQ test get “A’s” in my class and in turn I have had many intelligent students struggle to pass or even fail my class. The common denominator in good grades is: Hard Work. Everyone has the ability to get a good grade in any class they take. However, some need to work harder in some cases to accomplish. With the assistance of a Life Coach, student athletes would be able to discover their strengths and weaknesses as students thus allowing them to set goals accordingly to find optimal success.


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